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kristen is off today. first up a look at the weather forecast. better get out there quickly, you don't need to take the wet weather gear. live doppler 7 hd at 5:00, no clouds, no radar returns, it is dry and kind of chilly 38 fairfield, los gatos, napa and santa rosa around 41. 42 livermore everybody else concord also in the mid to upper 40s san francisco and half moon bay low to mid 50s at the coast low to mid 60s mid 60s to low 70s for the warmest weather that will be around the bay, above average inland with upper 60s to around 70°. have fun shopping. traffic light this morning, black friday light, live shot of 80 through berkeley past university on to the macarthur maze normally on a regular friday commute in would be all headlights heading into the macarthur maze looking good
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now. drive times if you are headed out to the mall, 580 to pleasanton to the stoneridge mall, nice drive from the altamont pass to 680. 680 commute pass broadway plaza and walnut creek good 18 minutes from the benicia bridge highway 101 traveling towards best buy, already bust ing -- bustling 10 minute drive from novato. developing news from san rafael, fight in a nightclub results in gunfire outside the club. two hospitalized. it happened at club 101 in the 800 block of west francisco boulevard where terry mcsweeney joins us with a live report. >> reporter: abc7 news first on the scene, across the street from me you can see san rafael police are here they say they are going to be here most of the morning collecting evidence there's a lot to collect, a lot of shell casings in the parking lot you can see a number of vehicles every one of them according to
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the lieutenant belonged to a victim, suspect or part of the evidence-gathering process going on because some have been hit by gunfire thinking when the sun comes up they are going to see bullet holes in the restaurant and dollar tree store out here take a look at pictures from earlier officers tell me this happened 12:30 this morning. there had been a concert at club 101, 200 feet from highway 101, the concert, there was a brawl inside spilled out into the parking lot, someone pulled out weapons and started firing two people were hit. there were a number of weapons recovered interest the scene, a lot of bullet holes out here in vehicles and they believe there are going to be some in storefronts when they get a chance to see it. marin deputies first on the scene, closest not the only ones who responded.
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>> marin county sheriff's department, twin cities police, novato police department, we were able to lock down the entire parking lot, fortunate there was only a few areas of egress out of the parking lot we were able to lock it down quickly and identify most of the people, we don't believe very many would have gotten out, after the shooting. >> reporter: two people have been detain with regards to this. they are being held on other charges, unrelated, but they may have had something to do with the shooting, they are being investigated. january of 2008 there was another shooting out here that was a homicide. just about five years ago. as far as this one goes, two people wounded, injuries not considered life-threatening, two detained outside club 101 in san rafael. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. stores are hoping today is the start of a fruitful holiday season it is black
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friday one of busiest shopping days of the year. shoppers have been camped out in pursuit of sales paragon outlets in livermore off 580, where we find katie marzullo. i get the impression you are not alone this morning. >> reporter: it is nice to have company out here in the morning. we are not alone. it is packed out here. welcome to moonlight madness as the paragon outlets are calling it. stores here opened 10:00 last night. moonlight, yes. madness not so much if you take a look there's lots of people, plenty of parking everyone seems in great spirits, having fun, milling around in and out of stores some with one small bag, some with more bags than they can carry. the worst of it, time told from shoppers, was the arriving here, the driving in, traffic was backed up on 580 quite a while to get to the outlets. i talked to a woman who lives
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in livermore she knew a back way in and she avoided that when they got here, found good deals. >> i did. i wasn't -- a lot of good deals. [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: a lot of joking about husband and wives this morning. hope everyone's relationships survive black friday. because these are outlets, things marked down, the manage said today the reason why people took the effort to get here in the middle of the night is limited time only and best of the season deals. these are new outlets here 130 stores open for shoppers. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> macy's at union square is joining the black friday madness after opening at midnight for the first time ever. city target on mission excited shoppers filed through front
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doors 9:00 last night in hopes of getting the best deals. things appear well-organized by the target employees. a few shoppers did rush to the electronics section, a lot of people waited in line for hours to get a sale tv. shoppers at several bay area wal-mart stores will see picketers today protests planned at wal-marts in san leandro, richmond, san jose and fairfield. some holiday workers are ignoring warnings they could face consequences if they walk off jobs or protest. last night protesting employees handed out leaflets and held signs complaining of low wages and unsafe working conditions. one told us you can't talk to wal-mart management about things they don't want to hear. >> if we go to management, we'll have a target on our back. wal-mart will retaliate against us. wal-mart has a zero tolerance for retaliation. >> most of the shoppers we saw
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ignored the protests. charges of retaliation are the subof a lawsuit before the national labor re-- subject of a lawsuit before the national laborñ6jíxárelations bore. we've compiled a list of -- stores you can browse the ads on, look under see it on tv. if you get a text message saying you've just won a $1,000 gift card to target, look out with >> people hope and pray for a $1,000 gift ward, that would be great. >> several -- several in the bay area, including this reporter, received the bogus text claiming the recipient has won a $1,000 target tkpweuftd card then you are decked to website with you are asked to enter -- >> these where people get their personal information compromised. >> target says this is a fraud it is not running a contest now. they said they only send
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customers coupons to their phones, coupons. the bbb says text messages are being sent nationwide their it. i followed that advice yesterday. 5:08. time for a look at the forecast. the main concern the cool conditions and the fog that is out there, good morning, hope you had a great thanksgiving, quarter mile visibility in novato thickest fog there, going to rain a lot in seattle and portland the next couple of days where the storm track has moved, that means great weather for us if you like to be out warmer than average 40s this morning, high clouds and sunshine, a lot like yesterday, hovering near 60 during lunch, low to upper 60s 4:00, low 60s at the coast, upper 60s inland, drop back into the low to mid 50s by 7:00, make sure you have a jacket for your evening plans. tomorrow like today, above
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average, mid 60s at the coast, near 70 for the rest of us, low to upper 60s sunday, slow cooling trend will take us into the low to mid 60s by monday. light, black friday light out there, only traffic possibly around some of the shopping malls with specials opening all night, golden gate bridge just reconfirmed lanes headed southbound three lanes headed in the southbound direction, two lanes northbound, fog-tree if you are coming into san francisco at this -- fog-free if you are coming into san francisco at this hour. highway 17 near santana row if you driving there to get specials, very light. some of your drive times now, 880 to the mall, nine minute ride from the dumbarton area, 101 peninsula towards hillsdale boulevard and shopping center good ride from wood side, 280 san francisco
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southbound to shop, a bit of a delay, traffic flowing through that area, probably good shoppers out there. 5:10. next, it has been called a thanksgiving miracle. the amazing story of the birth of a baby who was feared dead inside his mother's womb. >> event that has become a thanksgiving weekend tradition. we'll show you around the san francisco auto show at mosconey center. >> first, here's this morning's america's money report. >> reporter: good morning. no gaslines from the headlines despite this week's problems in the mideast prices should continue heading down most oil prices are where they were before the current flare-up began. u.s. drivers have less interest in buying hyundai and kia since the two admitted fudging mileage numbers. the two companies made fuel efficiency a major selling point. more and more shoppers are going online because they get
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better customer service. more than 40% report problems getting questions answered in the store. those surveyed say price is still the top factor. those door buster deals offered today may not be the best. many of this year's specials were available at lower prices earlier this year.
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good morning. [ inaudible ] a baby who was feared dead inside his mother's womb is being called a thanksgiving miracle this is know what guzman, born -- noah guzman born at 3:12 a.m. not alive when his mom and dad arrived in an ambulance his mom was suffering severe complications when she went into labor doctors noticed the baby gasped
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shocking the medical team and parents. >> he's alive, it was wonderful, everybody is happy and crying now it was life. >> i'm just very, very blessed that me and my son were able to come out of the situation alive. >> mom is expected to be released from the hospital over the next few days. doctors say noah is healthy but want to run some tests. annual san francisco auto show opened this weekend yesterday the mosconey convention center was packed. most were pwroudzing, some were ready to buy -- were browsing, some were ready to buy, others just needed to be there. >> i love new cars, i love to look at them and see what is on the market now. >> the 55th annual international auto show runs through monday 38 of the world's major manufacturers are represented. record number of chinook
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salmon heading up the river to spawn. as of wednesday more than 6300 chinook documented. that number surpasses the 2003 count by more than 200. biologists are pleased to see the fish return in strong numbers after facing threat of extinction in recent years. always good to see. 5:16. it is a little chilly out there this morning. >> good thing we put on a little extra stuffing last night. >> this is strategic, wasn't an accident. >> toe keep us warm. >> that's right. >> out -- out shopping, chilly at 5:17. across the bay bridge you can see the embarcadero center standing prominently.
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let's look at live doppler 7 hd, spinning, waiting for our next storm system which will probably be wednesday and thursday of next week. we have an extended period of dry weather coming at you. napa 39 for the cool spot, livermore and santa rosa 40, los gatos, concord, fairfield 41. redwood city 42, a lot of mid to upper 40s elsewhere, san francisco 51 half moon bay because it is breezy there, 55°. heading out around the monterey bay mid 40s gilroy 39, salinas 53. going to be sunny and warmer today and tomorrow, slow cooling trend begins sunday through wednesday of next week when our next system comes in wednesday night, healthy dose of rain models next thursday and friday, a lot of snow in the sierra, this is a colder
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system. here's the big story today, highs vs. average, five degrees in san francisco and san jose, when you hit 70 today in oakland, that's eight degrees warmer than average. you will share that with fremont, live more, santa rosa, san jose, -- cloverdale and ukiah everybody else mid to upper 60s, 68 monterey low to mid 70s the rest of bay, mid 70s inland. tonight 30s, low to mid 40s inland upper 40s around concord and antioch and san rafael bay mid 40s to mid 50s into san francisco still have a couple areas of high pressure dominating a little offshore wind today, going to be warmer than average today and tomorrow, also going to keep that storm track north and possibility of tule fog still sneaking into some of our neighborhoods at night is out there, right now staying in the central valley tomorrow
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almost as warm as today, then we lose a couple degrees sunday, couple more by tuesday, couple more wednesday, thursday one of cooler days with the best chance of rain. have a great day. light traffic conditions out there this morning. happy black friday i'm sue hall, commute is light, heading towards the bay bridge toll there, no metering lights, know issues coming into san francisco on the upper deck. out of central valley now good dive, katie marzullo is at the paragon mall in livermore off el charro if that is where you are headed up the altamont pass, 13 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area through livermore. drive times traveling towards novato north 101 from san rafael, going to the mall under 10 minute drive, 880 newpark mall, good dive there. 80 eastbound towards fairfield outlets is looking good.
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5:20. next, the christmas holiday season kicks into gear big tree lighting tonight in san francisco. >> we'll tell you which olympic great will be celebrating holiday season tonight in downtown san jose. that's "america's money." i'm rob nelson.
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5:23 on black friday. bundle up if you have plans to buy that tv or whatever else. good morning. upper 60s to low 70s, [ unintelligible ] mid 60s around half moon bay to low 60s for most of the coast today. let's look at what is going on if you are traveling today, we are going to see temperatures, highs 36 in chicago, 29 minneapolis, 23 in fargo, rest of us in the 50s and 60s, new orleans at 76, phoenix 84. all major airports are on time. safe travels. good morning. light traffic headed out this
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black friday morning, live look at san mateo bridge, headlights towards hayward maybe to the mall where there are specials, westbound no problems, a little bunching up twaofrps the highrise, no major delays. accident in the median west -- westbound 580 before 238, castro valley area. taking a look at our waze app this is highway 80 traveling towards the malls from crockett, fairfield area past jamison canyon, traffic spotters are showing thick fog near american canyon this morning. just about 5:25. there will be plenty of ass and -- of oohs and ahhs to witness the 23rd annual free lighting. this year's tree is said to be 83 fetal i will lumm --
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-- olympic skating champ kristi yamauchi will be in downtown san jose for the official opening of the ice rink. the ceremony gets underway at 5:30 this evening a half hour later she will take part in a ceremony at christmas in the park on south market. technology users are getting younger and younger, check out this little guy making friends with siri. >> i don't know what you mean. >> yeah, 1-year-old colt is trying to chat with siri on his uncle's iphone, siri doesn't speak baby. that's the next app.
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next, san jose firefighter is injured in a thanksgiving night fire. >> lots of shoppers looking for bargains, some are checking out livermore's new outlets. katie marzullo will have a live report, when we come back.
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5:28 on black friday morning. credit cards might keep you warm once they are heated up, mike is going to tell you what the forecast looks like. >> hold your wallet in your hand to keep you warm. >> that's right, those credit cards. >> good one, like that.
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radar satellite live doppler 7 hd going to keep it running even though we don't have a good chance of rain again until wednesday and thursday of next week. if you are leaving now coolest napa 39, low 40s santa rosa, fairfield, concord, livermore, redwood city and los gatos, coast, san francisco 51 to 55 at half moon bay. we have calm conditions just about everywhere except the coast a bit of a wind chill there. here's a look at highsed to -- highs today, low 70s bay, upper 60s to near 70 inland. how about a check of that shopping traffic. light out there, nice if you are out on the roads no problems, a look at the san mateo bridge headlights towards the hayward direction, a lot of shopping there at the mall, or at the newpark mall,
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drive times if you are headed out 280 through the san mateo area towards maybe hillsdale mall looking good 101 towards 92. 880 past newark area looking good from 238 south. westbound from altamont pass, nice drive into the dublin pleasanton area it is holiday night. we have developing news from san rafael, police are investigating an early morning nightclub shooting that sent two to the hospital. it happened before 1:00 this morning at club 101, on west francisco boulevard and anderson dry near highway 101. -- anderson drive near highway 101. terry msweeney has new details. >> reporter: abc7 news first on the scene you've heard of csi miami, new york, how about csi san rafael what crime scene investigators needed out here the parking lot in front of club 101 still cordoned off,
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considered a crime scene, evidence being picked up the cars according to the lieutenant are either suspect cars, victim cars or cars that have evidence attached as in bullet holes through them they expect when the sun comes up to find bullet holes in the stores in this strip mall. pictures from earlier, police tell they happened 12:30, there was a concert at club 101 they call it club 101 because it is 200 feet from highway 101 and the francisco boulevard exit. concert going on, 12:30 fight inside spills out into the parking lot and bullets start flying. officers managed to cordon off the area quickly. >> twin cities police, novato police department, we were able to lock down the entire parking lot, fortunate enough only a few areas of egress out
5:32 am
of the parking lot we were able to lock it down quickly and identify most of the people we don't believe very many would have got 10 out, after the shooting. >> reporter: police say 100 people came out of the club or were at the concert and spilled into the parking lot, two shot, neither with life-threatening injuries. two detained, they've been arrested on other charges they may be involved in the shooting that took place 12:30 this morning here at club 101. back to january of 2008, there was a homicide out here, shooting in this same area outside club 101 police tell me it has been a club that has been around for a long time, the concert last night ended in gunfire. two people wounded, two detained. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. at least 10 residents of a san jose apartment complex will return today to see what is left after a fire last night left them homeless on thanksgiving. the red cross is helping
5:33 am
displaced families from four units at the kimberly woods complex, two units destroyed by fire 8:30 last night, two other units temporarily unliveable due to water damage and no power. fires say flames broke out in an roof area possibly related to a fireplace one man says he's thankful that a neighbor pounded on his door, he was able to get his family and pets out safely. >> [ inaudible ] one fire captain was admitted to medical center for evaluation. black friday the day retailers hope will put plenty of green in their pockets, likely to mean packed maps --
5:34 am
packed malls and traffic back-ups. >> reporter: working not shopping not even tempted, at the least. i will leave that to the black friday shoppers. they have a good deal here, not too crowded all smiles it is called moonlight madness it feels more like high noon now the lights all on so many people milling about that you think it was any other day, time with people shopping there are 130 stores here at paragon outlets they opened last night at 10 p.m., shoppers came for limited time offers on top of outlet savings. the only draw back, was arriving, they say the lone lines, not here at the stores, -- the long lines, not here at the stores but the freeway. >> crazy traffic parking not
5:35 am
>> reporter: how long did it take? >> trying to get off the freeway maybe 45 minutes. >> reporter: the stores don't seem that crowded, plenty of space on the walkways, overflow parking across the street from jack london north boulevard, they've set up extra portable bathrooms out here on the sidewalk. so far, so good at paragon outlets in livermore people happily milling about with their early christmas purchases. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the attraction for many, doorbuster discounts. the midnight opening at best buy in pinole ended a week of camping to be first in line. there was extra security on hand to make sure shoppers didn't literally bust down the stores. managers say they can recall people camping out so long.
5:36 am
national retail expects 147 million americans to go shopping today that number down from last year -- the number was 220 million. waiting in line made at least one person snap. >> [ bleep ] >> that was at a sacramento kmart yesterday the line started forming two hours before the 6 a.m. opening. many shoppers complained about lack of security and said the store employees seemed unreaped -- unprepared for the early sale. we've compiled a list of stores you can browse sale ads on our website at look under see it on tv. it is also not too late to check on the forecast, as you head out, i guess the recommendation would be a coat or jacket. >> absolutely, maybe dress in
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layers you want to get rid of it into the afternoon if you are still shopping, six or eight hours from now, it could happen. here's the jet stream well north, very defined area of the nod that is going to stay up to the north. for us, high pressure taking over, warmer than average weather this afternoon, starting off, we have low 40s around especially inland, a few 30s, then mid to upper 40s for the rest us, by noon 60 just about everywhere mostly sunny, low 60s 4:00 at the coast mid to upper 60s from the inland neighbor -- neighborhoods to the bay then we start putting on the coats by 7:00 in the low to mid 50s. next couple of days, saturday almost as warm today, above average once again, slightly cooler sunday, temperatures pull back to average, we'll drop one or two degrees monday, still very delightful to be outside. let's find out if traffic is just as smooth.
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yep, coming into san francisco, you can see it is very light bay bridge, no metering lights, no delays into san francisco on the upper deck. mass transit schedule for this black friday, if you don't want to -- avoid parking, bart on regular schedule, muni saturday schedule today in san francisco all trains on normal schedule for cal trains, sam -- everybody is on regular schedule no ace out of central valley. go on holiday schedule, golden gate buses on regular schedule no problems with vta or ac transit on regular schedule earlier accident in castro valley cleared out of lanes westbound 580 before 238. next, it is not only black friday, it is orange and black friday. how the giants are helping fans get ready for next season. update on the 49er quarterback controversy the latest on alex
5:39 am
smith's improving condition.
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welcome back. if you are looking for
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something to do this weekend that doesn't include shopping, how about a movie? brandi hitt has previews. >> reporter: if you are looking for a way to unwind after this morning's black friday cruds. how about a little fun taking in a new film. the holiday weekend has plenty to choose from starting with movies that hit earlier this week. director ang lee brings the book life of pi to life on the big screen. >> one of the best of the year hands down i think this has serious oscar potential for lee. >> reporter: telling the tale of a shipwrecked indian boy stranded on a boat with a bengal tiger. >> this is a really good film. >> reporter: a different kind of adventure remake of 1984's red dawn. >> they messed with the wrong family. >> the bad guy is north korea. the problem is with when they shot it, it was china.
5:43 am
they changed it because they didn't want to offend the chinese government, because they do a lot of business in china. >> reporter: then there's the animated rise of the guardian, starring everyone's favorite. alec baldwin and jude law. lend their voices. opening today, one master portraying another, hopkins stars in hitchcock centered on the making of psycho, helen mirren co-stars as hitchcock's wife. >> i promised mother i wouldn't tell. >> he does a great hitchcock that was brandi hitt reporting. it is not jut black friday, it is orange and black friday this morning at 10:00, the giants begin selling individual home game tickets for next season. last month the team brought home the world series trophy for the second time in three
5:44 am
seasons sweeping the tigers. today, fans can buy individual tickets for next april, may and june, excluding opening weekend. first round of sales ends midnight christmas eve you can buy online or in person at all dug-out stores. this afternoon coach harbaugh is expected to officially announce that quarterback colin kaepernick will start sunday in new orleans. smith has passed his final concussion test but kaepernick will still get the start sunday again the saints despite the report the team still says no decision has been may. san jose high school football player in fair condition after a neck injury during yesterday's 70th/x annul big bone game, he had to be taken off the field by ambulance his coach said he suffered a neck stinger and had tingling in his lower legs. it was all lincoln, lions
5:45 am
cruised to 55-13 win, 15 straight win in the series. today might not be the best day to shop and on your mark, get set, shop! growing number of americans celebrate thanksgiving here's -- here's jane king. good morning. shoppers out early this morning, stuffing themselves with deals today after getting holiday shopping done last night. record rise in thanksgiving day dales of 28% from a year ago. ibm benchmark says online sales climbed more than 18% compared to last year. today is not the best day to buy everything. except for doorbuster deals, offering limited amount of inventory, best time to buy a watch in march, uggs in
5:46 am
september and october, appliances in december. even if you get good deals, shopping today could cost more than you save, progressive insurance says parking-related accident claim increase more than 36% the day after thanksgiving. 15,000 hostess workers will be collecting unemployment insurance after being let go wednesday after hostess won tentative court approval to liquidate a move a financial adviser could bring in a billion dollars for the company. quick trading check, higher close for stocks the day before thanksgiving. exchange here is open for trading today. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:47. chilly start to our morning and to your shopping. >> absolutely, so fan a coat. i'm sure there's a bargain on a coat. >> i'm sure. good morning. open that weather window we've been outside we know it is
5:47 am
cool, emeryville, bustling with activity there at the various stores across the bay bridge into san francisco, we could still see the embarcadero center, looks wonderful interest every advantage point you can see the lights on the buildings. i posted them on mike nicco abc 7. radar and satellite live doppler, still powerful, still seeing clear air next wednesday into thursday, definitely need it when our next chance of rain rolls into the forecast. this morning, there's that chill, 39 napa, 40 santa rosa and livermore, fairfield, concord, los gatos, 41, a few 50s you have to go to san francisco, 51 and 55 at half moon bay. mid 40s monterey bay, 39 gilroy, 53 in salinas. the next few days sunny and
5:48 am
warmer than average slow cooling trend for sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. coolest day with that rain next thursday. check out temperatures today, from 5° warmer san francisco 67, oakland 70 today, 8° warmer. more 70s livermore, fremont, san jose, santa rosa, cloverdale and ukiah, 71 to 72 the rest of us in the mid to upper 60s, upper 60s to mid 70s monterey bay. no worries weather-wise today, 62 eureka, mid to upper 60s chico, sacramento, low to mid 80s los angeles and palm springs. back home, temperatures in the 40s, 50s around oakland, is -- san mateo and san francisco, high pressure dominating pushing tense storm system to our north, going to keep us dry through the weekend. there is tule fog in the central valley, some may slip into our neighborhoods, saturday and sunday morning,
5:49 am
we'll keep an eye on it, so willey are again the next couple of mornings -- so will lisa argen the next couple of mornings. we go to san jose now, light traffic 280 northbound as you go under the 17 overcrossing just a few headlights prarpbgs going to santana row or fashion park in cupertino very light traffic at this hour, 80 westbound freeway east shore freeway as you make your way past university to ashby into the macarthur maze flowing nicely all at the limit. coming out of the central valley nice ride up and over the altamont pass, katie marzullo at el charro at the paragon outlets you can see the freeway past the scene is looking good. else wherever drive times 680 through walnut creek perhaps headed towards broadway plaza nice drive from 580, 4 good
5:50 am
out of antioch, 101 towards santa rosa, nice drive theref&m. she knows all those malls. next toll-takers will be a thing of the past at the golden gate bridge. what you need to know when the new system goes into effect early next year. u.s. postal service about to join the internet age. national experiment that begins in the bay area next month.
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a chill is in the air don't worry that won't keep people from shopping. good morning. let's start by showing you the radar so you can see how quiet it is top of your screen north eugene around portland to find real wet weather, tahoe 57, 51 sunday making snow at light in the 20s. yosemite, 64 today and tomorrow, 61 sunday. southern california where going to be warmest, 80s today and tomorrow in l.a., 74 back to average sunday, mid 70s today in san diego, tomorrow upper 60s by sunday. nice quiet drive
5:54 am
southbound 101 out of marin, southern marin up and over the waldo grade, sausalito through the tunnel to the golden gate bridge, three lanes southbound, two lanes northbound. it is light traffic there. into the city on bay bridge nice drive, know problems on upper deck, no metering lights, one incident in redwood city on surface streets whipple as you come off 101 with an accident blocking intersection. 5:54. part of is flash flood's ocean beach is still closed -- part of san francisco's ocean beach is still closed following wednesday's sewage spill. pedestrians can still walk along the promenade or go near the water's edge the spill was likely caused by heavy rains and high tide which causes sewage to overflow into the streets the water is again, not the smell. no word on when the area will be declared safe for visitors. cash is king, not for long on the golden gate bridge.
5:55 am
march next year 14 remaining human toll-takers will be gone you have to a electronically by using fastrak or having the toll tied to their license plate or one time payment online or at a kiosk. otherwise a camera will take a picture of your plate and send a bill. the bridge district says the move will save millions and the hope is traffic will move better than ever. u.s. postal service has picked san francisco as a starting point for a new service for internet shoppers. the post office plans to begin same-day delivery for online purchases you make from local retailers it stars in san francisco december 12th, the -- it starts in san francisco, december 12th, the price about $10. south bay students took part in major thanksgiving tradition, saratoga high
5:56 am
marching band took part in the macy's parade they had to get up for a two who are practice march 3 a.m. before their big moment in the spotlight. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a projected four million people lined the parade route. the school spent $150,000 buying big tubas because they were easier to march with than the bulky old ones. next, developing news from the north bay, violent ending to thanksgiving at a san rafael nightclub. red ready, set, shop, live at the bay area's newest mall. >> later, cutting the cord.
5:57 am
michael finney tells us whether wireless speakers are worth the investment.
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[ inaudible ] good morning 6 a.m. on black friday morning. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off not that you conclude s

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